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“The Worm Syndrome”: How NOT to Conduct a Flower Essence Consultation

Flower 2A flower essence consultation is a special, sacred use of time. “This is your party,” I tell a client when we begin our session. It’s an adventure, an awakening, a celebration, a time of breakthrough, a juncture at an energetic crossroads.

It’s helpful in a consultation to explain what kind of changes the client may want to look for in terms of improvement. This includes an explanation of how flower essences work. Basically, they can assist us in these 3 ways:

  1. Flower essences can help us to balance our energy. With equilibrium, we can work through our challenges more quickly.
  2. Flower essences can help us to raise our energy level. An elevated level of insight can help us to see that our problems seem to shrink as we expand in our views. As Albert Einstein wisely quoted, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”
  3. Worm_19Seeing the world through your potential and inherent perfection leads to inspiration, hope, and other qualities that help us to balance (#1 above) and raise (#2 above) our energy. To identify with our passing defects and the hypnosis that we “are” our tests, to put it directly, is a spiritual crime.

One of the best flower essence consultations I ever received was actually one of the worst. I remember leaving the session feeling like a worm—where, partly through the pride and superiority complex of the practititioner, I was nailed to my shortcomings by way of being defined by them.

That consult taught me with stinging clarity exactly how NOT to conduct a consultation. Here’s what happened in a similar circumstance to one of my student:

“I had an experience with another flower essence brand practitioner who focused exclusively on my weak energy. I was so sad after (the) consultation. She just kept finding my weak points throughout the session. Since she is a famous practitioner in Japan and sometimes teaches flower essence(s) in other countries, her words had (a) strong influence on me. I learned that a practitioner needs to attune herself to higher energy so that they can catch a client’s positive qualities.”

basket flowers n fruitThis is exactly why I developed the concept of theme/signature essences to replace the term type remedy. A type defines a person according to passing weaknesses. A theme/signature essence (chapter 8 of The Essential Flower Essence Handbook) identifies your predominant positive personality trait and gives you something toward which to aspire and to be inspired by.

What , then, would be the true goal of a superior flower essence consultation? To learn who you really are and to be nurtured and strengthened by that truth.

You are Goodness. You are Light. You are perfect. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


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