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5 Elements of a Flower Essence Consultation

hikingHere are some guidelines for structuring a consultation. This is more of a beginning outline but with some good points to consider.

1. It’s always a good idea to run through your personal checklist before the consultation begins in order to prepare yourself to be a channel for clear and helpful information for your client.

2. I generally suggest a program of 5 essences used sequentially. Three is also very reasonable, and is what I usually offer for children and animals. Ten days on each, sequentially, is a good standard program. One week is usually minimal, and 2 weeks maximum, so this is comfortably in between. You can also advise your client that it is extremely rare to see someone have the same response to different essences. Responses can vary enormously in intensity, from mild to potent.Pear artsy

3. It’s always good to recommend the affirmations with each essence, if you think the person is receptive and won’t feel overloaded.

4. It is recommended to treat the person and not the problem, which sounds like a contradiction with what I’m writing next. For OCD, as an example, generally Almond is excellent as well as the calming/de-stress essences such as Lettuce, Pear, Fig, and Spinach. These are general, or what I call textbook, suggestions rather than custom-tailored to a particular individual, as when people ask, “What do you recommend for such-and-such a condition?”

5. If there’s a physical component involved such as OCD, which is neurologically based and “supposedly” incurable yet manageable, this adds another element to the flower essence assessment.WomanRunning In this case, I often advise other “Essence Enhancers” listed in The Essential Flower Essence Handbook in each of the 20 flower essence chapters. Sometimes other elements of a person’s lifestyle need to be addressed as well. Since we were discussing OCD, vata-balancing activities are important in diet and lifestyle. Regularity is imperative: 3 meals daily, bedtime near 10 pm, no stimulants such as coffee, black tea, and best to eliminate refined sugars, etc. etc. The topic of physical symptoms is a vast subject, and this is merely a summary.

I hope you find these points useful in your own flower essence consultations. Feel free to add to this list.