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Pets and Animals

Flower Essences for Fowls

Question: Who can benefit from flower essences? Answer: all living things. Hence today’s post about flower essences for poultry, scientifically called Galloanserae. And here’s what you can do the next time you’re attacked by a rooster! Continue reading

A Happy Ending? We Hope So!

Not all flower essence consultations go as we hope they will, even with the purest of intentions on our part as practitioners. Here is one such case that I hope has a happy ending. Eleanor is a longtime customer of Spirit-in-Nature Essences and uses them on occasion for problems with her cats. Continue reading

Litter-Boxed Out: Felines, Friction and Flower Essences

I recently conducted a consultation for Lynne, a holistic practitioner, whose cat Sally has been expressing litter box problems for several years. Sally urinates on the floor, which is a sign of anxiety and stress, as opposed to near doorways and windows, that indicates marking behavior to keep intruders out of the house. As is typically the case, this can happen in multi-pet households, especially with more than one cat. After one week, Lynne is seeing a change in Sam’s behavior as the alpha cat, but not yet in Sally’s. Continue reading

One Pet Grieving the Loss of Another: Treatment with a Flower Essence and Essence Enhancers

One of my cat clients, whom we’ll call Fluff, lives in a multi-cat home. His closest feline friend passed away two weeks ago, and he seemed to be hit the hardest with a sense of loss of all the cats. The first few days, Fluff did fine. Then it was as though he understood that lifelong buddy, who had been ill and withdrawn for some time, wasn’t coming back. Continue reading