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Individual Flower Essences

Pear Essence: Give Peace A Chance

At our recent July 4th celebrations, one of the children’s games was the ever-popular “Tug of War.” This year, it was renamed, “Tug of Peace.” How perfectly that describes Pear Essence. Pear gives our life force that slight reminder-tug to accept harmoniously the tests that life inevitably brings to us, without reservation or resistance. Continue reading

Blackberry Essence for Purity of Thought

It’s blackberry season in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. The rural areas have exploded with berries of all shades from red to a dark purple-blue, where once their white and lavender blossoms grew. I can remember as a child being taught that it’s the ripe ones that pop off when you give them a gentle pull. Those are the sweetest, and worth risking the foreboding thorns of their bushes. Continue reading