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Let Freedom Ring: How Flower Essences Support our Inner Independence

Yesterday was a day of parade floats, root beer floats, patriotic songs, and fireworks. It was the 4th of July.

July 4 Float I was cast as Betsy Ross in a parade float of historical personages, sewing the last few stitches into the first American flag. Some of our best loved presidents —George Washington and Abe Lincoln—shared the truck-bed-turned-stage. There too was John Paul Jones, known for proclaiming with Tomato Essence courage, “I have not yet begun to fight,” who then proceeded to… Continue reading

Meditation and Flower Essences for Higher Awareness

woman meditating reversedMeditation and flower essences are excellent complementary methods for self-improvement. Both have been the subject of numerous clinical studies for reducing stress and stress-related illnesses. Here are some documented findings about the benefits of meditation:

In one study comparing 2 groups–meditators and non-meditators–the meditators were more independent, self-confident, empathetic, spontaneous, and also less anxious, neurotic, and fearful of death, as documented in the May, 1991, issue of The Atlantic Monthly.

Studies at the University of Massachusetts found that 20… Continue reading

Curing the One and Only Disease

Old coupleOne of our Home Study Course students just wrote to me with this question: is it possible that there is only one overarching disease, and likewise only one cure? She expresses it well, writing, “My belief is that this one disease is due to a disconnect between the person and his or her true self.”

Consider how Paramhansa Yogananda explained this point: There is only one disease, and it is ignorance of our perfection. Cure that disease, and you have… Continue reading

What Matters: Our Tests or What We Become Through Them?

Often in a flower essence consultation, I’ll suggest to my clients not to identify with their weaknesses or define themselves by their tests. Sometimes that’s easier than acknowledging our strengths. It takes only a subtle twist of misunderstanding to interpret that being tested in life mean that there’s something inherently wrong with us, that we’re somehow “bad.” This is simply not so.

Here’s a recent story from my own experience where I had a choice about self-definitions.

people hiking smallerLast summer in… Continue reading

How to Access Your “Inner Practitioner”

Have you ever had a hunch that you knew was right? Or do you ever “just know” something, no matter how unlikely it is to be true?

If so, there may be an “inner practitioner” within you waiting to emerge. two kids smallCombine that with a love of nature, an insight into human (and animal) nature, and a keen interest in helping others, and you may have found your true calling.

Basically, there are four elements to becoming a good practitioner of… Continue reading

We Already Are the Qualities We Want

Below is a recent letter from one of our Formal Home Study Course students, Motoko, in Japan, which I’ve left unedited. My response follows. This is our second set of letters on the subject of Raspberry Essence, with a profile of Strawberry and a Grape testimonial. You’ll see they focus on a particular aspect of Raspberry as well as a particular approach to the essences in general.

Motoko’s Letter

Dear Lila,

I am doing very well since I last saw… Continue reading

One Flower Essence, One Affirmation (Singles Vs. Combinations)

Woman in a field of wildflowers
The most commonly asked question about flower essences seems to be—how do I know which essences to take? The second question is, how many can I take at one time? In today’s post, we’ll be answering the second question.

This flower essence line suggests-and strongly, based on people’s responses to them-to take only one essence at a time, but that’s another subject altogether.

The most common comment is—gee, I’d like to take all 20 of them at once. And understandably… Continue reading

Fewer Flower Essences: Simple But Not Simplistic

Kids.jpgIt took me years to quit being embarrassed that the Spirit-in-Nature Essence line contains only 20 essences. As the years passed, the number of remedies remained the same, but the embarrassment grew. Still only 20? Some companies have double that amount, others 10 times that number. And what a good lesson: it’s not really a good idea to compare.

Then, I noticed something interesting starting to happen. Much to my surprise, people began complimenting us on having such a finite… Continue reading

Our New Company Name: Celebrating 30 Years

Probably unbeknownst to her, my tenth grade geometry teacher taught me a valuable lesson that has remained with me to this day—one that has nothing to do with the mathematical relationships between points, lines, and angles. It was important, she said, to always start with a clear understanding of whatever it is you’re working on. I can still remember her enthusiasm for geometry, her round face that crinkled with age at the edges, and that crackly voice with a slight… Continue reading