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Fewer Flower Essences: Simple But Not Simplistic

Kids.jpgIt took me years to quit being embarrassed that the Spirit-in-Nature Essence line contains only 20 essences. As the years passed, the number of remedies remained the same, but the embarrassment grew. Still only 20? Some companies have double that amount, others 10 times that number. And what a good lesson: it’s not really a good idea to compare.

Then, I noticed something interesting starting to happen. Much to my surprise, people began complimenting us on having such a finite… Continue reading

Our New Company Name: Celebrating 30 Years

Probably unbeknownst to her, my tenth grade geometry teacher taught me a valuable lesson that has remained with me to this day—one that has nothing to do with the mathematical relationships between points, lines, and angles. It was important, she said, to always start with a clear understanding of whatever it is you’re working on. I can still remember her enthusiasm for geometry, her round face that crinkled with age at the edges, and that crackly voice with a slight… Continue reading