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Negative Affirmations: To Avoid Like the Plague

What happens when we define flower essences in terms of an absence of positive qualities with an added emphasis on our weaknesses? Each flower essence drop becomes an affirmation that we are incomplete. There’s something wrong with us. We get smaller. We shrink even as our problems, proportionately, seem to multiply in size. We feel worse about ourselves, less empowered. I’ve seen people who have completed seminars that focus on human inadequacies. It’s as though a dark cloud hangs over their heads, their shoulders stooped forward as if to protect an overburdened heart.

The opposite, in contrast, has the opposite effect on us. When we view flower essences as tools to “stimulate our positive qualities,” we get bigger. Our posture straightens, and even other people seem kinder as they respond to our expanded magnetism.

I used to think affirmations were phony. Too good to be true. Maybe other people, I thought, could use them, but affirmations always seemed to me to be too good to be true. It took me years to realize—as one does through yoga, meditation, prayer, and other spiritual practices—that we are spiritual beings living in a material world, not the other way around. Hence our company name with its poetic significance of finding the Spirit within our human nature.

Any and all of the Spirit-in-Nature Essences affirmations can help to lift our spirits, when used along with a dose of the corresponding flower essence. 

A doctor friend, one with an uncommonly good sense of humor, sometimes advises his patients, “Say 2 affirmations, and call me in the morning.”

Try affirmations 4 times a day with your flower essence doses, and see what happens!