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Flower Essences for the Affirming Mind

We received this question from one of our flower essence patrons, asking how flower essences work with the human mind. Here is my answer.

Greetings, and thank you for your interest in Spirit-in-Nature Essence. I am very pleased to hear from you.

To answer your question, which is a deep one, the essences directly affect the life force, the true healer. The life force absorbs the prana from Nature, distilled through the blossoms of the particular essence, and works with it consciously, both according to its own design and to the receptivity of the person taking the essence. It is helpful to remember, too, that flower essences are vibrational and not biochemical in the way they work.

Because the clarity and functioning of the human mind are so easily interfered with and at times blocked, repeating affirmations when taking the flower essences is a powerful adjunct to energize the vibrational benefits of the essences. Our Affirmation Deck is brimming with the energetic message of each flower essence—through the blossom photo, the corresponding fruit/vegetable photo, the key word, and the affirmation itself.

Our U.K. distributor, Clare Harvey of FlowerSense, says, “They’re fantastic, gorgeous. They really jump out at you and the spirit’s there. That’s what makes the difference.” And from Cynthia Horn, a yoga instructor in Tempe, Arizona: “I’m using the cards every day in my classes; they’re amazing, amazing, amazing.”

I hope this helps, and wish you perfect well-being,

Lila Devi
SiNE Founder