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Affirmations – A Deeper Look at Our Deeper Self

YL1C3144Affirmations used to seem artificial and unreal to me. It was difficult for me to affirm positive qualities that I maybe didn’t feel at the time I said them. Sometimes I even felt a little silly saying them.

Affirmations can seem hard to connect with because they reach up to touch our Higher Self. They affirm our bigness and our unlimited potential. Most people can’t handle that! They’re fine acknowledging their shadows, problems, and shortcomings. Many people aren’t used to directing their energy inward and upward, since the world around us tends to pull us out of our center and down our astral spine, energetically speaking.

MFE-Spinach0046967The 20 Spirit-in-Nature flower essences call us to acknowledge that we do in fact already own the qualities we are striving to attain. Each affirmation is a verbal voice for its corresponding essence. If Spinach Essence, for example, could speak to you, it would say: Whatever comes to me is for my highest good. I welcome it. This is a little like our series of children’s picture books the first one published being Bradley Banana and The Jolly Good Pirate, each book personifying a flower essence, not as a text but as a fairy tale, to give you the message of its particular essence in a non-clinical, non-instructional form.

Clipboard01Here’s what the instructions in our Affirmation Deck recommend:

Spirit-in-Nature Essences act as “bottled affirmations,” while affirmations might be called “verbal essences.” Since both help to awaken the positive qualities within our nature, using them interactively will increase their effectiveness.

With concentration, will power, and energy, begin by saying the affirmations on these cards out loud to “catch the attention” of the conscious mind—then more softly, to penetrate the subconscious mind, and then in a whisper to enter the state of superconsciousness.

pets-mini-posterThe suggested affirmations are phrased to be compatible with the quality of each essence, and to resonate with it rhythmically. Display these cards in prominent places in your home or office as “vibrational reminders” of the qualities on which you are focusing; study them in the context of The Essence Spectrum Chart  explained in The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, or use them intuitively to design an essence program. Their applications are numerous.

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