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Affirmation Cards: Playing With a Full Deck

Affirmation DeckSometimes a project takes longer than expected, and this one certainly has been “in the ether” for a long while.

The two underlying qualities of this essence line are strength and beauty—qualities that permeate the essences themselves as well as our design—and the cards convey these themes. It’s been a great joy to pull together all the elements of this product, with the help of my designer—collecting the flower and fruit photos, choosing the fonts and borders, and watching the magnificent gift box design evolve, down to the jewel on the front lid.

It seems I have been living and breathing this project for about eight months. I remember waking up one morning with the idea fresh in my mind, to use the watercolor flowers from our logo as a trim for the top and lids of the box. It was a thrilling moment!

The photos come from a conglomerate of sources, including myself. Although I don’t consider myself a photographer, I learned a lot about working with lighting, positioning my “subject matter,” and capturing the “essence” of certain fruits. The date fruit photo, for example, is one I’m particularly pleased with.

DatesDates are not what you’d call pretty, and yet this composition with the morning sunlight glistening on the sliced fruit and its stony pits happens to be one of my favorites. This photo conveys more than the encyclopedia version of dates: “these are what dates look like.” I feel it visually captures the theme of the Date Essence’s richness: the sweetness of the fruit and the firmness of purpose of the central stone. The cards, like the essences and the affirmations, are vibrational in nature.

What now remains to be seen is how the visual splendor of these Affirmation Cards will enhance peoples’ usage of the essences themselves. person looking at affirmation card

Here’s a testimonial from a former elementary school teacher who has used Spirit-in-Nature Essences for herself and her cat for many years: “The Affirmation Cards are gorgeous, and very powerful. I can feel the power in the affirmations as I read them, and I am starting a new self-transformation through the essences and the affirmations. I’m going to be a new person. I can’t thank you enough.”

As explained on the back of the gift box, flower essences act as “bottled affirmations,” while affirmations may be called “verbal essences.” There is a power in both affirmations and essences that is greatly enhanced when the two are used in conjunction with each other.

These affirmations, as you will see, differ from those in The Essential Flower Essence Handbook. They have been rewritten by J. Donald Walters, whom you might say is my “silent partner” in this company (explained in the introduction of The Handbook). They express a musical lyricism that is especially engaging for the three levels of our consciousness: the subconscious, the conscious, and the superconscious.

I hope you find these “essential” Affirmation Cards useful. Try them out, and see what you think.